Why Raahghar?

Raahghar is a community space where like-minded owner-run homestays and cosy hotels co-exist so a discerning traveller's search options are condensed to a curated few in a region of their liking. When you stay in a RaahGhar property, conversations and connections are guaranteed.

For Stay Owners
RaahGhar for the Owners

We are a booking platform but we are not just that. When you become a part of RaahGhar you become a part of an exchange where we effectively create an atmosphere for owner interactions so each property benefits from the other in the community.

For Travellers
RaahGhar for Travellers

When you book a single homestay with us or a selection in a region of your choice in an itinerary, it is all made simple by our core experience in Travel. Our owners go an extra mile for you to make it more seamless and enjoyable as a part of our well-thought pre-arrangement to offer a holistic experience.

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